Oakwood ResortMr. + Mrs. MilliganSyracuse, Indiana


Everything about last Saturday made me once again realize that this is the best job ever! As Steph and I pulled up to the beautiful Oakwood Resort, we were gearing up and so excited to celebrate with Morgan + Mike for the day! It was definitely a family affair as both Andrew, Mike’s brother, and Cara, Morgan’s aunt stood up as the best man and matron of honor which made it all that more fun for the day! Everyone was so excited and couldn’t wait to finally see these two tie the knot!

I had the privilege of meeting Morgan + Mike a couple months back at Starbucks for some coffee as we sat and talked about details for the day and how excited they both were for it to finally get here! Meeting them both was like catching up with old friends! They are both so incredibly sweet and easy to share conversation with even after just knowing each other for less than 10 minutes! One reason I love meeting a bride and groom face to face before the wedding day is so that on the day I’m able to come in so excited to celebrate my friends which makes it so much more of a smooth and comfortable day on all sides! It was easy to see why they are so warm and kind when you meet their families! Each person was just another reminder of the legacy of love they are coming from!

All their details were absolutely beautiful and the food was amazing, but what was the most special was these two lovebirds coming together to make a lifelong commitment to each other. And even more than that, the absolute best part is that now the true journey starts as husband and wife. I CANNOT wait to see their relationship grow and in 60 years be able to look back over these pictures and remember where it all started! It started with a first kiss, a first dance and a first day that led to this beautiful new life!

Congratulations to the newlywed Mr. + Mrs. Milligan! Enjoy some of my favorites from their BEAUTIFUL day!

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  • Morgan Milligan said:

    These are so amazing!!!!! I'm in love with every single one!!