I feel privileged to take part in something that is such a joyful and exciting time in every couples lives! Each time I get to meet a new couple and learn what brought them together, it’s such a great reminder of how unique and beautiful everyones love story is. It’s so fun to hear about all the details for the day and the plans that have already been made…. but that’s not the real reason I get excited for my brides and grooms. The real excitement comes from knowing what comes after the wedding day. The reason that weddings are so important to me and something that I can’t get enough of, is because it’s the start of a new life together.

Years down the road when your grandchildren want to hear about your wedding day, you can pull out your album and flip through the pages and show them where it all started. They’ll be able to see the way you looked at each other and the way your love only continued to grow… and you’ll be reminded of your wedding day when you committed to “for better or for worse.” By that point you’ll have gone through plenty of both “for betters” or “for worses” but you’ll be able to stand on the other side and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’d do it all over again. When you look into each others eyes and realize so much life has happened, you’ll be able to realize that it was all worth it because you did it together. Every adventure, every milestone, every valley and every victory was done together. You’ll know it all started with that day that you made that commitment to stand beside one another and fight for each other each and every day.

Marriage is why I love weddings! Tannan and I have been married for almost 4 years, and although that’s no 50 year anniversary, it has already taught us so much. It’s never perfect and can get messy, but each refining moment only breads a more beautiful relationship. My why for what I do is the hope that in 50 years my couples would be able to look back and relive the emotion and excitement of when their adventure started. Their messy, beautiful adventure! And that it would remind them of the day that they made the best decision of their lives!