The Market Valpo, IndianaMr. + Mrs. Wallace


I’ve been looking forward to Breanne + Micah’s day since August when we sat down over our favorite Starbucks drinks and chatted for two hours! I even made her send me pictures of her dress to show my second shooter because of how stunning it was! haha! But way more than her gorgeous dress, Breanne has a stunning heart! The warmth this woman exudes from her is unreal and I couldn’t wait to hang out with her for a whole day!

From the moment we walked in the door on Saturday, it was no wonder why she is the way she is. The Jonkman family is seriously one of the sweetest groups of people I’ve ever come across! We came in strangers and left feeling a part of the tribe! From making sure everything was exactly how/where we needed it, to making sure we got fed, they are selfless and so servant hearted and it made the day that much more amazing!

Then comes in Micah, who I actually hadn’t met until that day! Talk about a couple that compliments each other so well! These high school sweethearts were melting my heart the whole day! I didn’t have to conjure up anything for them because the way he looks at her needs no instruction. He was ready to make Breanne his wife and it was the sweetest thing to watch!

Every wedding is so special in it’s own way, and Tannan always makes fun of me because he says I say that every shoot/wedding is my favorite when I get back home… but this one will hold a special place in my heart. When you’re discussing with the bride and the sister at the end of the day when the next time is that we can see each other over some coffee, you know that’s a success!

Congratulations to the BEAUTIFUL Mr. + Mrs. Wallace!! 60 years from now when your grandkids ask you about this day, you can pull out these pictures and show them where it all began and how it only got better! Love you guys!




And a HUGE thanks to the amazing vendor team who made this all possible:

Venue: The Market Events
Florist: Another Season
DJ: Well Turnitup
Makeup: Melissa Marshall
Hair: Jill Przybylski
Baker: Suzies Cafe & Catering
Videographer: Ethan Vander Tuin
Wedding Dress: Something Blue Bridal
Wedding Designer: Essence of Australia
Tuxes: Dunhill Tuxedos
Bridesmaids Dresses: Macy’s

  • I love these photos, and I love the soft, natural lighting in the pictures. Did you use a certain preset in for editing as a base?

    • Hey Jason! I would say a lot of that has to do with the way I've learned to shoot in camera over the years but I do use Mastin Labs Presets and LOVE them!! I use the Fuji Film Pack :)