Mr. + Mrs. Walther

June 26, 2016

When you’re a little girl you always dream of having the perfect dress, perfect hair and perfect flowers for your wedding day. You play dolls and imagine how great it will be to walk down the isle towards the man who you will get to spend the rest of your life with. It’s fun to pretend and easy to make believe, but the truth of the matter is that real life is so much better than the dreams we make up in our heads. The reality of promising your best friend your truest devotion (and actually meaning it) is the craziest, most exciting and sanctifying experience. One reason that I can’t imagine doing anything else but what I do is because I get to be a part of the day that girls have been dreaming about not only since they’ve been engaged or even dating, but imagining their entire lives. And what’s even greater than that?? Little moments of realization throughout the day that this is EVEN GREATER than they could have ever hoped for!

To say that Brett + Stacey have been waiting a long time to tie the knot is an understatement! These high school sweethearts had been counting down the days for quite sometime! On May 21st, 2016 they decided to put on those shiny bands and give themselves fully to each other for better or for worse. Between her bouquet, his suit and their smiles, this day was definitely one that’s only found in fairytales. Even though these two have been together for quite sometime, their excitement with each other and friendship is so refreshing and revealing of how truly special this day was!

From the moment the day started we could feel the excitement and joy that eluded from everyone! You could definitely tell this is something that all the family and friends had been anxiously awaiting for six long years! I might have gotten pretty emotional during the bridesmaids first look and even when editing the daddy/daughter first look! Basically I was a mess the whole time ha! There’s something that just gets me though when I see one of my brides get that much excitement and joy out of their friends when they’re getting married. It was almost as if they were experiencing one of the best days of THEIR lives as well. What a sweet gift to give her! Right?!

We started the day at First Christian Reformed Church there in Demotte, Indiana. I’ve only been to Demotte twice and it happened to be two weeks in a row. The first for Aaron + LeighAnn’s wedding and now for Brett + Stacey’s. It’s proving to be a pretty great little place so far! After the ceremony, we headed over to Signature Banquets to dance the night away after some yummy cake and awesome food! I mean c’mon, dancing, cake and awesome food, does a job get much better?!

A HUGE congrats goes to the newly married Mr. + Mrs. Walther!!

I can’t wait for you to experience their day through some of my favorite photos from the day! Enjoy!

Venue | Signature Banquets

Dress | Le Salon

Florist | Another Season Floral

Cake | Jan’s Cakes and Catering

Hair | Under the Veil

DJ | Trans-Audio