Kurt + Priscilla

August 30, 2016

The decision to move to only engagements, weddings and anniversaries was not an easy one, but after having shoots like this with Kurt + Priscilla, I’m reminded how much passion I have for what I do specifically. Obviously families are SO special and absolutely beautiful, but it’s becoming a rare occurrence in our culture to celebrating the love two spouses have for one another. But at the end of it all, why do we love and celebrate engagements and weddings in the fist place? Isn’t it a celebration for the commitment and the hope for what’s to come? Well let me tell you, after hanging out with these two for a couple hours, I’m convinced it only gets BETTER with time! There is so much joy and comfortability that comes with being married and Kurt + Priscilla have 11 years of growing in that and it’s SO beautiful!! Their friendship and romance is what makes us 3 year married people so excited for the years ahead. Cheers to 11 years and to 60 more to come!