Mr. + Mrs. Peabody

October 6, 2016


This rainy-day turned beautiful sunny Saturday in September was a dream come true! We had everything set to go expecting for us to have to use our umbrellas and find some covered locations, but for about the third time this month, when we’ve arrived to the location, the rain stopped and the sun came out to celebrate with us! And for that we couldn’t have been any happier!

A couple months back I was able to meet Abby and her mom, Julie, as we sat around their kitchen table talking about details for the wedding, hearing about how her and Matt met and watching a video of how he proposed to her on the jumbotron at one of their favorite sporting events. It was definitely so sweet hearing her relive and get so excited to show the moment he asked her to be his wife. Only a few short months later, we would be in Julie and Chris’ backyard as that question would turn into a commitment as they made their vows to one another. In front of family and friends they decided on forever and had their first kiss as husband and wife.

Every time it gets me how beautiful that commitment is and how it isn’t to be taken lightly. One of my favorite things about watching and getting to know Abby + Matt better is how much fun they have with one another. Yes, their love and tenderness was so sweet to watch, but it was so refreshing and brought a smile to my face to see that these two not only admired and respected one another, they genuinely were best friends and had a great time with each other! That friendship is so special and one that I hope continues for fifty plus years! I can’t even imagine the fun memories and stories that are ahead!

So here’s to Abby + Matthew and their forever story that started just a few weeks ago! Congrats you two!!

I hope you enjoy getting a small taste of their beautiful day as it unfolds before you!

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