Why Bridesmaids Reveals are a Must!

March 2, 2017

Every bride wants those moments on their wedding day where they can feel special. Those moments when people’s jaws drop because of the sheer beauty of the vision in white they are! And rightly so! I mean it’s basically the one day in our lives where it’s ok to want to be called the prettiest girl in the room!

When Tannan and I got married on May 18th, 2013, I was so excited! I mean realllllly excited! My girlfriend Sarah was doing my hair and had to tell me to stop bouncing my legs or she wouldn’t be able to finish! I vividly remember dancing around basically the whole day until I was able to see Tannan. I couldn’t wait to grab my dress off the hanger and finally put it on “for real” this time! We were up in the top room of the house we were getting ready in as my mom helped me button the 2,000 buttons on the back! We buttoned the last one and I could hardly stand it the excitement of finally getting the show on the road!

I headed down the stairs where all my girls were (all 12 of them) as they were scattered throughout the house putting final touches on. I think in my head I had envisioned going down the stairs and having them all waiting at the bottom with a collection of “oooohs” and “awwws”, but no one really knew what was going on and I hadn’t asked them to do that. Needless to say it was a little different than I envisioned. It mostly was me walking through the house as a few girls would pass by and show me love and give me sweet compliments. Which was totally fine and definitely not the most important part of the day by any means. However, I decided that for my APbride, I was going to give them that experience that (to be honest) I wish I had. The result has been some of the sweetest moments I’ve encountered on the wedding days!

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On your wedding day, it’s SO important to stop and take in different moments. It’s easy to get swept away with the schedule of the day or the vast amounts of people congratulating you and giving you hugs. So taking moments with your girls or with your parents, or your groom before the wedding really begins is such a sweet gift! It helps the day slow down and gives you what I like to call “snapshots” in your memory bank for the day.


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Bridesmaid’s reveals are near and dear to my heart now because it allows a bride to truly feel like they are the most beautiful girl in the world even for just that day! It’s a time where your girls can rally around you and get excited, emotional or quiet and take in what’s about to happen. Tears are usually involved (even for me) and mascara usually has to be touched up, but I don’t think anybody would trade it for anything!


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