Ben + Danielle

April 25, 2017

Ben + Danielle grew up only a few miles down the road from each other, but didn’t meet until they were out for a New Years Eve party! It was definitely fate that brought them together and I’m so excited to be able to capture, first hand, this story unfold!

I met Danielle a couple years ago when she was one of the bridesmaids for Maggie + Josh’s wedding! I was SO excited when I got her call about wanting me to celebrate their special day with them as well in October of this year!

These two are seriously so adorable together, and when you combine them plus the blooms plus my favorite place, Indianapolis Museum of Art… You get one AMAZING combo! I’d apologize for all the flowers in this particular blog post, but they’re too pretty to not show you!

I cannot wait to see these two all dressed up and enjoying their big day in just 6 short months! Congratulations Ben + Danielle!!