Austin + Olivia

May 30, 2017

Sweet kisses and lots of laughs were exchanged last week between Austin + Olivia during their engagement shoot at the beautiful Lakeside Rose Garden in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

I was particularly excited about getting to hang out with these two and get them in front of my camera because, if any of you are familiar with my annual bridal competition, Olivia + Austin were the winners!! Sitting down with them a few months back over coffee and getting to hear more about their love story and see them together made me realize why so many are in love with these two! I love it so much when my “job” becomes more about just hanging out with friends and taking some pictures than something I’m just wanting to “clock in and out” of!

We started out at the Lakeside Rose Garden and it was SO beautiful!! Plans got changed when we realized that the place we were going to shoot at closed before our shoot started and that was alright with us because we stumbled upon this place and it couldn’t have been more perfect!! Then we headed down to downtown Fort Wayne and got creative with using some of the lights from the beautiful church down there! Pretty much I could have put these two in front of anything and they would have made it an amazing shoot, but we did have some awesome backgrounds so all in all this is definitely one of my favorites!!

Only two and a half months until these two become husband and wife and I CANNOT wait to see it happen!! We’ll head down to Indy to the Willowfield Lavender Farm to watch them say their “I do”‘s in August! It’s going to be AMAZING! For now though enjoy all the adorableness that they have to offer from this shoot!!