Chandler + Annalisa

August 25, 2017

This engagement shoot is a special one to me. Meet my little brother Chandler and his beautiful fiance, Annalisa!

These two have been together since 7th grade!! That’s a lot of late night homework sessions, sports practices and graduations to stay strong through. To make it even more of a fairytale, they-were-meant-to-be-together story, they were crowned homecoming king and queen their senior year of high school! The best part of their relationship though is that through all the years and obvious highs and lows that come with life, they have become each others undeniable best friend…. and it shows whenever you’re around them. You’ll never see another couple laugh more with each other or flirt more in the way that’s so uniquely them.

This past spring Chandler finally popped the question and had a surprise party planned with all of us family and friends back at Annalisa’s house. It was an inevitable outcome that everyone was waiting to celebrate! They were finally engaged and the end of the wait to become husband and wife could now begin!

I’m so thankful that the Lord has brought my brother someone so sweet and kind and that loves him without fail! I can’t wait until the wedding day where we’ll be able to finally see them say their vows and begin one of the greatest adventures they’ll ever go on…  marriage!

Congrats to Chandler + Annalisa!!

p.s. Not only is this one of my favorite shoots to date because obviously this is family, and obviously these two are incredibly beautiful together, but we also spent the last half of the session doing the shoot at our old high school, Elkhart Christian Academy, where these two met and fell in love 😉 One of our favorite teachers, Mrs. Bishop, happened to be there and she let us use her classroom for some of the cutest “High School Sweetheart” pictures you’ll ever see!! Enjoy!!