Ryan + Kelcy

September 7, 2017

On December 12th, 2015, Ryan + Kelcy promised each other that no matter how many times they couldn’t agree on a place to eat or how many disagreements they’d have over who’s turn it was to take out the trash, that they’d stick by each other’s side. Ok ok so that’s not a typical exchange of vows, and I’m sure these two cuties NEVER argue over anything 😉 BUT maybe we should start updating vows these days….

What if we realized right from the get go that marriage wasn’t going to be all fun and games? That it was going to be a lot of growing and sharpening each other! Maybe we’d see more marriages like Ryan + Kelcy’s! A friendship that’s a result of constant commitment and love sprinkled with a bit of good morning kisses and lots of late night laughs!

I had SUCH a blast being a part of these two loving on each other for a couple hours this week and I just can’t wait for you to see some of my favorites from their anniversary shoot! Enjoy!