Scott + Alexis

October 5, 2017

Almost two years ago, on December 12th, Scott and Alexis made a lifetime commitment to honor and care for each other for the rest of their lives… and what a sweet journey it’s been since then!

No one said marriage is easy, but too many people are saying marriage is too hard to commit to, too hard to understand or too hard to fight for…. but if there is something worth fighting for it is to be steadfast in our vows and remember the reason we said yes in the first place!

Ever since Tannan and I moved to Goshen a  year and a half ago, we’ve gotten to know these sweet friends! Scott and Alexis are the kind of people others look to for comfort, reassurance, encouragement and fun! They are stinkin’ hilarious, so sweet, compassionate and giving!

Alexis and I have been able to have plenty of conversations about marriage and about how to walk through it with respect and integrity! I have seriously LOVED seeing how, even in the short time we’ve known them, their love for one another has continued to grow stronger and more real. That doesn’t negate the hard times, or the times that don’t feel so romantic and fairytale-esk as these photos, but it makes it real and raw and oh so beautiful!

They love each other so well and I felt incredibly blessed to be able to stand behind the camera and freeze moments in time where they’ll forever be able to remember and see how great that love looked on them!

So with all that to say, congrats to almost two years of goodnight kisses and morning snuggles! Cheers to 60 more to come!