Ben + Kylie

March 20, 2018

When Kylie and I met up at Starbucks (naturally) in December, it was pretty apparent that this girl was the epitome of why I love my job! The coffee dates and friendships aren’t just an added bonus to why I love what I do, but they are the life of this business! By the time we got done meeting, I’m pretty sure we both knew this was meant to be! I wasn’t just excited to be able to “fill a slot on my calendar” or “book a client” but I was seriously SO pumped to be know I’ll be able to be there celebrating alongside my new friend and watching her make a lifelong commitment to her best friend!

Last week I got the chance to meet Ben! In my book he had a lot to live up to 😉 and pretty much exceeded all expectations! I think I could just go and hang out with these two all day and never look at the clock!

This was the first engagement shoot of 2018 and I’m pretty sure multiple times I exclaimed to them, “You guys! I forgot how much I LOVE this!!” It’s so fun to hang out with couples during the engagement session… and I might be a little biased, but I’m pretty sure my #apcouples are pretty much the best!

Kylie + Ben have had to do long distance for awhile now and watching them have to make plans for this engagement shoot made me SO excited for them to finally be able to say goodbye to having to “plan” to be together! This January they finally get to step into a lifetime of waking up side by side and coming home to one another each day! And if you’ve ever seen them together, you’re probably just as stoked as I am to know that their addorableness will be played out 24/7!

So while we wait for their big day, let’s just take a peek at some of my favorites from their engagement shoot and you’ll soon fall in love with them just like I did!