Adam + Taylor

May 1, 2018

Last week I traveled over to Chicago to finally meet and hang out with Taylor + Adam for their engagement session in Lincoln Park! One thing you learn about these high school sweethearts when you’re with them is how well they fit together, which is why they’ve been a constant in each others lives for the past 12 years…. that’s right, TWELVE years!!

They’ve experienced a lot together from prom to new colleges, new jobs, new cities and a marriage proposal! One of my favorite qualities of people are when they are steady and constant and unwavering…. I know that could be a weird thing to have as a favorite quality, but in a society and place that seems to be ever changing and where relationships seem to be made into far less than they were intended to be, steadiness is something that everyone wishes they had! And Taylor + Adam are such a constant for each other and I loved seeing the product of what 12 years of love and friendship have developed into for them!

I had such a great time exploring new places in Chicago and learning more about these two! I can’t wait until the day I get to see them FINALLY be able to share a last name and, once and for all, put a covenant to the choice they’ve already made to stay consistent and present in each others lives until they get old and gray and are able to reminisce on all the years they stayed by each others side!

October can’t come soon enough!! But for now you can just enjoy with me how beautiful Taylor + Adam are together as you see some of my very favorites from their engagement session! Enjoy!