McCormick + Luke

May 3, 2018

I first got the chance to meet McCormick when she was one of the maids of honor in Lindsey + John’s wedding last summer! Getting to spend a day with all those ladies made me fall in love with each of them! So you can imagine my excitement when I received a text only a couple hours after Luke proposed, last September, asking me if I would join in celebrating them on their big day!! That’s when these wedding days start to feel more like the best kind of reunion! Watching these ladies love on each other through engagement parties and bridal showers when it’s finally the other persons “turn” is the sweetest thing!

I got to head down to Carmel to one of my favorite spots, Carmel City Hall, where the trees were FINALLY in bloom and the weather was perfect! It was the best set up for a night of putting Luke + McCormick’s love on display! Being able to meet Luke during the engagement session was so much fun! Secretly, one of my favorite parts of engagement shoots are when the guy isn’t super into it… that way I can see them throughout the shoot start to have more and more fun and then without fail by the end they’re saying things like “Wow! That was a lot better than I thought it was going to be” or “Ok, so that was actually really fun!” and it’s pretty much my favorite compliment even above them loving the photos… because your experience during the process is so so important! It affects how you feel about your photos when you get them back! The fact that we were all gut laughing by the end during attempted twirling pics and my pregnant brain moments as I was telling them where to place their hands made this one of the most fun shoots to date!

Watching them together was the biggest highlight of all though for me! I love these ladies, so I get a little protective over seeing how their men treat them during the engagement session… and there’s seriously nothing like watching the chemistry and friendship that they have together! Luke brings so much joy into McCormick’s life and vise versa that it was the easiest “task” getting them to look natural in front of the camera!!! So add in a few British accent prompts and sweet whispers and you have the makings of the perfect shoot!

This June we’re heading to South Bend’s Morris Park Country Club to celebrate them tying the knot! For now, though, I’ll just be reminiscing on all the fun we had and counting down the days until next time!