Meghan + Grant

May 12, 2018

Meghan + Grant first met at Purdue University after Meghan + Grant’s sister, Laura, had spent the summer together, studying abroad, in Europe! As Grant + Meghan continued to get to know each other as school ended, their friendship grew a lot stronger! Buuuut, when he tried to see if it could be more than just a “friendly relationship”, Meghan wasn’t feeling it quite as much and let him know it should just stay like it was. Good thing Grant didn’t take that as a permeant closed door though, because after continuously fighting for her (and having his sister help him with some girl to girl chats), Meghan decided to give him a chance! And well, the rest is history! Sometimes perseverance is key 😉

When I first face-timed with these two awhile back, I instantly fell in love with the joy they have together! But not only that! They quickly make you feel like you’ve been lifelong friends and that is why this job is the best in the world! Because I get to work with couples with the biggest hearts and the best personalities! Spending two hours with Meghan + Grant for our shoot was such a blast and that paired with the fact that we were doing the whole thing at the Indianapolis Museum of Art made it even better!

In September they’ll finally get to commit themselves to each other forever and Grant will have OFFICIALLY won over the woman of his dreams as she takes on his last name!

And I CANNOT wait!!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their beautiful spring engagement session!!