Leah + Danny

May 15, 2018

You could call them “high school (crush) sweethearts”! After having admired each other from afar in high school, it took heading to the same college, at Huntington University, to finally bring Danny + Leah together! And thank GOODNESS!!! Because these two are total rockstars together!

It was so great being able to meet Danny last week after Leah and I had met up a while ago when she first inquired about having me be a part of their big day! Seeing my ladies finally with their other halves for these shoots always make me so happy! They are so stinkin’ sweet and adorable with one another! Our shoot consisted of climbing a tree (well them not me haha), falling out of said tree (no one was injured) and all the pretty blooms and locations you could ask for! And with all that was a lot of laughs and fun memories to go along with their engagement shoot!

This one was a little different for me since I actually won’t be able to be there at the wedding myself. Danny + Leah are getting married on July 21st which is right around my due date for baby girl, which means that Steph + Brooke will be heading up this wedding!! Which makes me so jealous they get to see these two get married and not me, but so so excited for them to be a part of the joy I got to experience when being with these two!

So for now let’s all just admire how lovely these two are together and count down the days until they get to become husband + wife!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana engagement session!!