Marykate + David

October 30, 2018

Getting the chance to hang out with these two last week for their engagement session was like a dream I never wanted to wake up from. Not only are these two insanely beautiful together and not only was this light some of the best we’ve had all year and not only was Holcomb Gardens one of the prettiest locations I’ve seen, but Marykate and David are just so stinkin’ fun to be around!

These two lovebirds met just in the nick of time before they left school. I learned that Marykate may or may not have been following David around trying to “coincidentally” bump into him around town, but hey… looks like apparently, he loved it! For their first date, they closed down the restaurant after talking for over 5 hours. It didn’t take them long to see that they were made for each other! And it doesn’t take long with them to see how much they care for one another!

I’m SO excited to be a part of their celebration of becoming husband and wife next summer! For now though I’ll just sit here in all their adorableness and reminisce on this perfect evening together!

Enjoy looking through some of my favorites from our time together!