When I first sat down with Aubrey + Bobby over coffee, one thing was apparent, thier favorite place to be is right next to each other…

I asked them about thier love story and saw the way they lovingly watched each other tell their side, and it made me melt! These two met on Match.com, but I’m confident that was only a means in which they met and not the reason they did. It was definitely the Lord’s plan to bring these two together because anyone who knows them at all knows they are soul mates!!

It didn’t take long, after they met, for them to realize they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and I can imagine why! Clearly they are better as a unit! And I am so SO thankful to have the front row seat as this pair finally gets to tie the knot this August!!

I’ll be there with my kleenex’s and camera ready to watch it all unfold!

Congrats to Aubrey + Bobby!

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