They say that timing is everything and that couldn’t have been more true with Betsy + Luke! These two lovebirds met in college, but it took 10 years and a lot of life experiences for the stars to finally align! Once they reconnected at an alumni event, it didn’t take long for them to realize that this was much more than just a friendly relationship but that they could see themselves spending forever together!

Two years later they found themselves in Paris at the Eifel Tower after having dinner at a restaurant her parents had eaten at a decade before. When laying in the grass underneath, Luke popped the question. The ring he had planned to get took a bit longer to get in than expected so he had planned to postpone the proposal. But being taken back by the moment (understandably) he couldn’t wait any longer!! Betsy eagerly said “YES!” and the rest is history!

When you meet Betsy + Luke, it’s no doubt that eventually things would play out for them to be together because they are absolutely meant to be. It’s such a sweet thing to be able to sit back (behind my camera) and just watch their love play out so naturally. All the best posing and prompts in the world can only do so much, but true genuine joy happens only when your couple has that joy deep seeded inside of them from being with each other and that’s exactly how it was with these two!

I CANNOT wait celebrate these Betsy + Luke finally being able to become husband and wife NEXT MONTH! But until then, let’s all just reminisce together on how sweet they were for their engagement shoot! Enjoy some of my favorites from our Fort Wayne, Indiana engagement shoot below!


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