If anyone knows me well, they know I have a bit of an obsession with Starbucks. So when I heard that they were building one of their “World Famous” Starbucks Reserve Roastery’s in downtown Chicago, I knew I’d need to make a trip and check it out. Tannan was sweet enough to take me there for my 29th birthday celebration! And yes, we did literally just go there to visit the new Starbucks 😉

Apparently they took over the old Crate & Barrel that was downtown and turned it into the largest Starbucks in the world! It boasts 4 floors of all things coffee!

It’s gained so much hype that there’s actually a line to get into the building because of the restrictions on how many people can be in a building at once.

When we first got there on the Friday night we decided to go in even though it was 9pm, but it turns out that’s a perfect time to go! We didn’t have to wait in any line to get inside and it was less crowded. But the next morning when we went back there was only a 25 minute wait even though the line was really long.

When you walk in you have the chance to browse their souvenir shop or grab yourself a to-go cup of coffee. They don’t have their normal drinks there, so a white chocolate mocha lover like myself was a bit out of place, but I did get to try their cold brew malt and it was SO good!! Definitely recommend getting that if you’re not a huge fan of black coffee.

All the floors have amazing food and drink options! So if you go, make sure to go hungry!

We got lucky enough for a small table to open up right by the main circular window when we were in line for our food, so I snagged it to give us the great view of Michigan Ave. while we were enjoying our drinks and food!

Basically all in all, this is definitely a fun stop for any Starbucks lover like myself! Hope you get to see it sometime yourself!

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