Katelyn, Alex and I first crossed paths for one of her best friends weddings where I was the photographer. So when I saw their names pop up as an inquiry in my inbox I got super excited! Our consult quickly turned into a 2.5 hr hang out with these new friends!

After any amount of time you spend with Katelyn + Alex you quickly realize how genuinely fun and easy they are to be around! And that ease carries over into their beautiful friendship they share! I’m not only excited to get them in front of my camera again for their wedding (because look at them… they’re beautiful!) but I’m mostly excited to finally see them share a last name. ‘Cause these two are meant to be one!

June 5th, 2021 can’t come soon enough!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our session below!

Film scans through Photovision film labs 🙂

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