Getting to know Heidi and Mike has been such a blast! From the moment we shared coffee over our consultation to adventuring through the creek at the park, there’s never been a dull moment!

These newfound friends have a sweet story that is a testament to how patience plays out in a relationship! Mike always had his eye on Heidi, but it wasn’t until a little while after they met that the stars aligned and sparks flew. After loosing touch for a bit as friends, they found themselves in Florida at the same time and after connecting there, the rest is history!

There’s no doubt that they are meant for each other! Heidi loves the way Mike is her rock. He’s there for her when times get tough and always lets her know she’s supported! Mike loves the way Heidi let him be his goofy self and laughs at all of his jokes! Their care for each other is so genuine and I can’t wait to see them finally be able to tie the knot in May!

Excited for you to see some of my favorites from our time together! Enjoy!

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