On their 5 year anniversary of dating, Adam + Nicole got to make the ultimate commitment to each other and promise forever to one another! October 17th was a no brainer for them to choose to get married on because it held such significance! Not only was it the day they started dating 5 years ago, but it was also the day that Adam proposed 2 years ago! So all around this date has a lot of significance for these two!

For their celebration, we headed over to Meadow Brook Barn in Goshen Indiana. Which is actually only about 15 minutes from me, so it was just a little trip over there! This was my first time there so walking the property and finding all the wild life and intricate things they’d put together to make their family farm a wedding venue was fun! It was the perfect spot for these country loving friends!

From start to finish, this day was such a blessing to be a part of! It was so sweet to watch as Adam cared for his bride the whole day! From trying to keep her warm during the windy photos, to even helping her bustle before the reception, there’s no doubt that he plans to take his role as protective and loving husband seriously! And Nicole’s joy in her newfound role as his wife was easy for anyone to see! These two together with their friendship and all they have gone through in life with one another makes me have no doubt in the amazing adventure marriage will be for them!

I’m so excited for you to see some of my favorites from their big day below!

Congrats to the newlyweds, Mr. + Mrs. Wilson!

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