Maddie + Josh’s story began not too long ago! After meeting online at the beginning of 2020, their friendship grew quickly which turned into something they clearly knew was more than just that! Because of meeting right before the pandemic hit, the first couple months of dating ended up being all from afar. Their virtual cooking dates and playing games led to a solid foundation which, once they were able to meet face to face, grew quickly! So quickly that it didn’t even take a full year for Josh to pop the question! In fact, it was only over just a year of dating that they were able to make their official commitment to each other as husband and wife! That’s right, these two planned an amazing wedding in just a few short months after getting engaged! So let’s just say they didn’t waste ANY time!

Their wedding kicked off my 2021 season, and after a pretty crazy one last year, I couldn’t have imagined it starting any better!

So excited for you to see some of my favorites from Maddie + Josh’s beautiful wedding day at Union 12 in Columbia City, Indiana!

Check it out below!

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