When Savannah started to get to know the guy more that she was trying to set her friend up with in high school, she decided she actually had a thing for him herself. Aaron felt the same, and the rest is history!

Savannah & Aaron are high school sweethearts that are every bit of just that, sweet! Their long relationship that’s going on 8 years is one that has stood the test of time. In growing over those years, they’ve realized that not only are they willing to do life with one another, but that they already were, and were better in life with each other by their side!

I met up with these two lovebirds in their hometown of Zionsville, Indiana. We walked the bricked road as they reminisced about all the years they’ve strolled downtown and their favorite one to date where Aaron proposed in front of the downtown church.

They’ve waited so long to finally become Mr. + Mrs. and I can’t wait until August where we get to celebrate them doing just that!

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our time together for their engagement session!

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