Sean & Keenan’s love story comes right out of a romance novel! Growing up in houses back to back from each other, they went to grade school and high school together. They even ended up both going to the University of Notre Dame where it took all the way until senior year for the stars to align and for their story together to really begin. With their moms being best of friends, you can imagine the excitement this brings to the whole family!

Ever since meeting these two last year over coffee, I’ve fallen in love with who they are together! You can tell the forever long connection they’ve had with one another and how excited they are to be stepping into this new stage of marriage!

We took it back to where it all officially began for their engagement photos. Exploring around the University of Notre Dame, we reminisced on the places they use to walk and hang out and even where Sean proposed! This campus holds a really special place in their hearts! So I’m so excited to not only have gotten some photos of their engagement done here, but also for next year when we’ll come back here to celebrate with their family and friends as they vow forever to one another!

So excited for these newfound friends and so excited for you to get a glimpse into just how beautiful they are together! Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together below and stay tuned for May when they become husband and wife!

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