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You’re not the same couple that I shared iced mochas lattes with a year or so ago. You’ve changed and grown together—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. By now, you’ve experienced the highs and lows of for better or for worse but you’re here today—stronger than ever—because you choose to fight for each other each day. There is simply nothing more romantic. 


Anniversary sessions may be the sweetest. It’s a time to reflect on the life and love that you share without the stress of the wedding to distract from the moment. The wedding still gives you goose pimples, but the little ways you choose to love one another each day are anything but mundane. Think of the butterflies you still get when your lips linger, the way your hands fit so perfectly together and that deep-belly laugh that only he can unleash.

Marriage looks good on you, girl! It’s so good to see you again. The wedding and the honeymoon are over, but look how far you’ve come since that first smooch as Mr. + Mrs. This season of love is something to celebrate.

We want to remember that. And one day when we’re gone, we want our loved ones to remember that also. You are building your legacy in the way that you choose to love one another, and that deserves a proper showcase…

But really, it’s just a blast of a date night and a sneaky way for us to hang out again.

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I love my daters out there, but the anniversary session is a special documentary experience between a married couple. Held all year round, your session doesn’t need to fall on your actual anniversary, but it is a celebration of the vows that were taken on that sacred day.

 The first year of marriage is often the hardest. It can be difficult to pick up after the wedding high and resume regular life. After planning for months, sometimes years, and then suddenly the flurry of excitement is over in mere hours—it’s a shock to the system. The anniversary session marks an accomplishment. So, let’s keep the party going, shall we? Dress up, slow-dance during golden hour (1-2 hours before sunset), and then plan a fun night out. You both deserve it.

Anniversary sessions may be taken under one condition: marriage. 

Anniversary Sessions

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Nope! You just need to be married.

Does it actually have to be our anniversary?


Sometime between spring-fall. I actually don’t shoot in the winter for your benefit! 

When will we need to plan our session?


Yes! I love traveling! There’s just a small travel fee for anything farther than 60 miles.

Do you travel?


Sessions are done on Monday's.

What time during the week do you do sessions?


You’ll want to plan on two different outfits.

How many outfits should we wear?


1-2 locations should be plenty depending on the variety you want.

How many locations should we plan on?


I do all my sessions 2 hours before sunset for the best light.

What time of day will we shoot?


Spring is my absolute favorite time to shoot!

What’s your favorite time of year to do sessions?


It will feel weird for the first 20 minutes, and then you’ll forget I’m even there because you’ll be having so much fun!

Is this going to feel awkward?


You’re way more photogenic than you think! Just wait until you see these photos!

What if I’m not photogenic?


You’ll see some sneak peeks the next day and your blog post will be up within a week!

When will we be able to see some sneak peeks?


Between 3-4 weeks

When will we receive our images back?


Yep! You’ll have the digital files to use however you want!

Do we have the rights to the digital files of our images?


Not at all! The least amount of experience you have the better! I got you covered!

Do we have to know how to pose ourselves?


I actually have a style guide that I’ll send you that will give you suggestions and things to think through.

What should we wear?


Between 1-2 hours long

How long are the sessions?


We’ll reschedule if it’s still calling for rain 24 hours prior to the shoot.

What if it rains?


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