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Let’s take a deep breath together: In…1…2...3…

He put a shiny trinket on it and all of a sudden you’re knee-high-boot deep in planning. But before you start subscribing to an endless supply of drool-worthy wedding blogs or start pinning like your life depends on it, I encourage you to snuggle into your hunny a little more closely and just appreciate the beauty of the moment. This is the beginning of a new and lifelong journey.

Oh gosh, girl! Exhale—let it out. My bad.


It’s time to start planning the day you’ve been fantasizing about since your Barbie laid eyes on Ken. I’m so happy you are here because it means that you and your future hubby have decided that your wedding day photography is a priority. As it should be! Once the cake is cut and the last song comes to an end, you’ll have your dress, ring, hubby (of course) and your photos.

You want your wedding day photos to be natural, authentic and uniquely you!
I would never expect you to jump in front of my camera and feel totally comfortable. Let’s skip the “warm up phase” on the big day. During your engagement shoot, you’ll get to bond with me and my big ol’ lens. The four of us will have some fun and create tons of memories—not just pretty pictures.

But really, do you need an excuse to love up on one another? I didn’t think so.

Did I mention that your engagement shoot is complimentary when you book your wedding date? Think of it as a little he-put-a-ring-on-it gift from yours truly.

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m Arielle, an engagement photographer in South Bend, Indiana and I can’t wait to capture the chemistry between you lovebirds. I guarantee you’ll leave our session more in love than you came. Not possible, you say? My camera and I beg to differ.

the details

I know you’re counting down the days until you can steal his last name. However, engagement season is a reason to celebrate all it’s own. It’s important to take the time to appreciate each other and enjoy this part of your life together. Forget the stresses of planning and bask in the love and giddy anticipation of the moment.

One of my favorite things about our engagement session is that we are able to enhance the details of your relationship that might not be represented on your wedding day. I’m not saying that the campus hangout or cute corner coffee shop where you met aren’t white-dress worthy…ok, I am. Starbucks please forgive me, but anyone in a wedding dress needs to step away from the dark, steamy goodness.

Another pro tip: time the session with your hair and makeup trial. A full day of pampering will surely soothe any wedding woes.

Engagement Sessions

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How many outfits should we wear?


You’ll want to plan on two different outfits

Unfortunately not at this time. The only way to get an engagement session with me is to book your wedding through me as well. 

Do you offer engagement sessions apart from your wedding packages?


April - October. I actually don’t shoot in the winter for your benefit! 

When will we need to plan our session?


Sessions are done on Monday's.

What time during the week do you do sessions?


Yes! I love traveling! There’s just a small travel fee for anything farther than 60 miles.

Do you travel?


1-2 locations should be plenty depending on the variety you want.

How many locations will we shoot at?


It will feel weird for the first 20 minutes, and then you’ll forget I’m even there because you’ll be having so much fun!

Is this going to feel awkward?


You’re way more photogenic than you think! Just wait until you see these photos!

What if I’m not photogenic?


I do all my sessions 2 hours before sunset for the best light.

What time of day will we shoot?


Spring is my absolute favorite time to shoot!

What’s your favorite time of year to do sessions?


You’ll see some sneak peeks the next day and your blog post will be up within a week!

When will we be able to see some sneak peeks?


Between 3-4 weeks

When will we receive our images back?


Yep! You’ll have the digital files to use however you want!

Do we have the rights to the digital files of our images?


Not at all! The least amount of experience you have the better! I got you covered!

Do we have to know how to pose ourselves?


I actually have a style guide that I’ll send you that will give you suggestions and things to think through.

What should we wear?


Between 1-2 hours long.

How long are the sessions?


We’ll reschedule if it’s still calling for rain 24 hours prior to the shoot.

What if it rains?


send it!

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