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Your wedding photos will be your first family heirlooms. While your dress, flowers and shoes--straight from Cinderella’s closet--are special touches, I’m here to capture the memory of your sacred day. I’ll give you images to gush over. The kind of keepsakes that your children will look at and think that’s the kind of love I want. A piece of your legacy your grandchildren will run their chubby little fingers over. These photos aren’t just pretty pieces of paper, they’ll make you stop.think.feel. the moment, long after the last send-off sparkler extinguishes. 


I’m enamored with weddings whose details share a glimpse of the couple’s unique love story. The kind where every—guest, décor and song—choice hints to the type of romance they share. But the true reason I’m so captivated by weddings is because it’s the start of a new life together as one.

I would be honored and humbled to share in such a special occasion with you, preserving the story of your celebration with the people you love and capturing the emotional moments that make up the day. I’ll grab the tear that your dad swore wouldn’t escape, I’ll catch every sweet kiss your new hubby steals (when no one else is looking), and I’ll snap that most perfect moment as you sashay down the aisle and every guest’s mouth hits the floor. And let’s not forget the one of your maid of honor—drunk on her love for you and an extra shot of liquid courage—as she recited that unforgettable speech.

 After a dizzying few months of planning, I want you to enjoy every moment—dance wild, be free, let a few bobby pins hang loose. I’ll be sure to capture every moment and hold on to them real tight. They’ll be waiting for you when you return from your swanky honeymoon to prove it wasn’t all a glorious dream.

Because we’re girlfrands now, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I only take a limited amount of weddings per year! Meet me here,  and let’s start planning over your latest Starbuck’s obsession.

Hey girl, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Arielle, a wedding photographer in South Bend, IN who doesn’t believe in staging moments. Give me the real, messy, and memorable. Because that is what marriage is all about. 


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