Justin + Kait

April 17, 2016

This weekend was a special one as Tannan and I got to celebrate our good friend Justin’s recent engagement and meet his beautiful fiancé, Kait, on Friday night! Following that, I got to follow them around Charley Creek Gardens and downtown Wabash, Indiana yesterday morning for some engagement pictures! Which you can tell was a blast! First because of the amazing couple I got to shoot and secondly because I am in love with that area!!

I’m constantly reminded how much passion I have for what I do when I get to spend a couple hours with each of these couples learning more about them and their up and coming wedding! It’s such an exciting, tiring, taxing, amazing time as everything is about change for the better! I’ve known Justin since my Freshman year at Grace College where he quickly became one of Tannan’s closest friends! We were so thankful to have him stand up as one of the best men at our wedding! So naturally I couldn’t wait to meet and find out more about the woman who had stolen his heart! It was so cool to hear about Kait’s passion for special needs children and all the effort and work she pours out to make them feel loved and cared for! I’m so thankful that the Lord has given them each other!

We started out at Charley Creek Gardens which is definitely a go to for me! Thankfully it was the most BEAUTIFUL April day we could have asked for! After finishing up there we went downtown where we found some awesome historic buildings and one of my all time favorites, Modoc’s Market, where we grabbed some coffee and I stalked them from outside 😉 I’m pretty sure we got some interesting stares but it made for some of my favorite shots from the day! Thanks to Kait for that GREAT idea!! We finally spent the last little bit grabbing some shots where comments like “Your eyes are like Alligator eyes, they’re beautiful” (from Justin to Kait) were exchanged. Needless to say these two were a bit slap happy as they were running on low fumes from an event filled trip to Indiana. haha Some good laughs were had for sure!

I can’t wait to celebrate with them in December as they finally make it official and get to become husband and wife! Enjoy a little taste of the #AdventuresofJustinAndKate!