Aaron + Kayla

April 20, 2016


I was so excited to finally meet up with Kayla + Aaron in downtown Fort Wayne this past Saturday for their engagement shoot! Ever since they entered my annual bridal competition, it has been so fun to hear about their story and the friendship and dating relationship they have shared for the past 5 years. Growing up in Huntington, IN and being brought up in the 4-H community played a big role in these two hitting it off. And Now after 4 years of a long distance relationship, they get to walk towards December 31st together where they’ll commit everything to each other and say goodbye to hours of long drives and constant phone calls.

It’s always so great to have a shoot where I feel like I hardly have to do anything except stand behind the camera and watch them love on each other! The chemistry that Kayla + Aaron have is apparent and makes it even more exciting for me to be a part of this journey with them! Knowing that the wedding day is truly going to be about giving themselves to each other and not about all the bells and whistles makes me so excited! Don’t get me wrong, I love all the pretty flowers and beautiful dresses, but at the end of the day if the focus isn’t on the fact that you are promising forever to your best friend, then what’s the point really?? Anybody with me?

We spent the shoot exploring downtown Fort Wayne and taking in all the beautiful scenery! Between the historic churches and blossom filled parks, we had no problem finding good spots to shoot!

Congratulations Kayla + Aaron! I can’t wait to celebrate your big day on New Years Eve!!

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