John + Courtney

October 12, 2016


When I found out we were going to be only a couple hours away from this sweet friend of mine, I KNEW we needed to get together to recreate some magic in her and her mans wedding attire since they had it all still! Courtney + John recently said “I do” this past May 2016 in Pennsylvania, and I got to stand up next to them and watch it as a bridesmaid which was so fun and such a blessing (especially since I had a wedding the evening before that got over at 10pm in Indiana and they were getting married at 11am the next morning in Pennsylvania! Let’s just say I have an amazing husband who graciously drove through the night as I tried to get as much sleep as I could)! It was an incredibly beautiful day with a fun celebration, but their dream was to have it outdoors at their amazing location, which the weather had different ideas for. So we decided since they didn’t get the mountain view pictures they had envisioned, we would go to the most beautiful mountains in the US and have a mini-shoot ourselves. Not only was it so amazing to see them both, but this shoot was everything and more! It was the first time I had been to Rocky Mountain National Park and oh my goodness is it breathtaking! It might have been freezing and snowing at points in September up there, but it was TOTALLY worth it! Excited for you all to see this mountain top adventure with these two!

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