Mr. + Mrs. Snow

October 21, 2016


It felt like we had been waiting forever for this day. It was marked on the calendar, the plane tickets were bought and all there was to do was wait for September 25th to come. As I packed my bag I couldn’t wait to get out to Colorado to celebrate with Rachel + Tyler and finally see them become husband and wife! Bekah joined me out there and we were able to meet up with them a couple days before the wedding and have a little pre-wedding engagement shoot. It was so fun to talk with them about the big day and how excited they were for it to be here! As we arrived to Country Kiss Weddings on that Sunday morning in Fort Lupton, we got super excited to start shooting and see all the beautiful details they had put together for the day! It felt like the perfect wedding spot tucked away in the outskirts of the mountains of Colorado. The day was beautiful and everything went according to plan, but the best part about the day was that there was an immense feeling of joy and excitement because these two knew the commitment they were about to make to one another was one of the best decisions of their lives! My favorite part of this day was watching Tyler and the way he looked and admired his beautiful bride (and she was SO beautiful!) I am so excited to see these two grow over the years in friendship and love with one another! And I’m so humbled and thankful that in 60 years when they sit down to tell their grandkids about their wedding day, that these pictures will still be able to be a reminder to them of how it all began so many years ago. Congratulations to Mr. + Mrs. Snow!

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