Mr. + Mrs. Swanson

November 4, 2016


By far one of the best things about being a wedding photographer is when I get to capture the day of a dear friend! Cheyenne and I have known each other ever since her Freshman year at Grace when her and her roommates had me take them out for a “roomie shoot.” Those were the days when my favorite places to shoot were broken down factories and graffiti walls! Thankfully she stuck with me and has been along on this journey as I have also been on hers. I’ve seen different relationships come but I knew the moment I heard her first talk about Scott that there was something very different about this guy. The way she lit up when talking about him made me know that he was special! I first met Scott when shooting a wedding and then got to hang out with them both for their engagement shoot. It definitely did my heart so much good to see the way he loves and cares for her when they’re together! Which made me SO excited and looking forward to their big day!

The wait was long but OH SO worth it! This was my first time shooting at Lakeside Occasions and it did not disappoint! The fall inspired details and maroon accents along with the red rustic barn were so beautiful together! That all paired with a stunning bride and groom made for a day I won’t soon forget! More than all the amazing aspects of day though was the radiant joy they both had to finally be able to call one another husband and wife which really is the most beautiful part of it all!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their October wedding!

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