Mr. + Mrs. Carey

November 10, 2016


When I got the message from Kelsie asking about shooting her wedding, I was so excited! Or I should say when I got the message from her sweet mama Lori a few months before they got engaged because she wanted to make sure I had their upcoming wedding in my calendar, I was really excited ūüôā¬†The Hancock family had become near and dear to my heart over the years! And the best part is it’s only through this awesome thing I get to call my job! Walking into this wedding felt like the best kind of family reunion! I was able to meet Kelsie and Sean¬†two years ago at her older sister Caitlin and Brandon’s beautiful Indianapolis wedding and then made my way back down to Indy¬†once again¬†for another one of Caitlin’s bridesmaids, Molly + Chad! So needless to say this group of people have become good friends and I was privileged to be a part of another amazing Hancock event!

I got to hang out more with Kelsie and Sean for their engagement shoot last year and was so in love with them, especially when they showed up to the shoot in “I’ll be your Minnie” and “I’ll be your Mickey” shirts! Sean had proposed¬†at Disney World which was a super perfect setting for these magical playwright lovebirds! One thing that I absolutely love about engagement sessions is the ability to truly get to know the couple so that showing up on the day is more like celebrating with friends! Which is exactly what it felt like the whole time we were with them!

I had never shot at¬†Fountain Square Theatre before, but I hope it’s not the last time I do! It had so much character and was a perfect fit for them! I am so excited for you to see some of my favorites from their fairytale wedding! Enjoy!!

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