Seth + Taylor

November 14, 2016


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I like this job because of the beautiful pictures I get to take, but I LOVE this job because of the new friends and coffee dates I get to share with these amazing women!! Taylor and I sat down in Nappanee as we discussed her and Seth’s love story. She shared that he had planned this amazing proposal which included a tiny ring box camera where he recorded her reaction. So fun right!?!? Throughout her talking about him I could tell there was no doubt that he was absolutely the man for her! By the end of the conversations, and as our coffee got cold, I could tell this was going to be a perfect match! Meeting Seth in person for the engagement session was just icing on the cake! Let me tell you these grooms for next year are something else! Seriously, the way they care and love each of their future brides is so sweet and encouraging for this photographer to witness. It didn’t take much of anything for me to get Seth to look adoringly at Taylor! And man oh man did he nail the nuzzle every time!! Between him being an engineer and her being a teacher, it was like having A+ students being able to tell them a position and them doing it PERFECTLY each time! And on top of that I hardly had to work to get any real emotion out of these two because they clearly just love being around each other!

They met me over at Oxbow Park in Goshen for their session and as we walked around and found dreamy fields and tall grass, we chatted about life and about their upcoming wedding which will be at The Spohn Ballroom on June 17th! Then we headed over to downtown Goshen and checked out local alleyways and sidewalks to get some of the beautiful color that Indiana fall’s have to offer.

It was such a blast hanging with these two for a couple hours and I can’t wait to celebrate alongside of them as Taylor makes her way down the isle to her groom to promise each other forever!

For now though we’ll all have to just dote over their engagement pictures!! Enjoy!!



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