Andy + Lindsey

November 15, 2016


Andy + Lindsey, you two are adorable. Seriously guys, just look at them! It’s like being in a sweet romantic movie when you’re in their presence. These high school sweet hearts and I sat down for coffee (notice that this is becoming a very frequent trend of mine…. I like coffee dates ok? ha!) in Kalamazoo where we talked about the possibility of me joining them for their big day June 2nd of next year! It didn’t take me long to realize this was a wedding I ABSOLUTELY wanted to be a part of! An amazing couple, with such sweet chemistry, a beautiful venue and incredible respect for one another, I mean what’s there not to love?! They met when first trying out for the school play “Fiddler on the Roof” and the rest is history!

We met up again in Michigan at Celery Flats, where they had their first date. This was a little bit of a trip down memory lane since this was only the second time they had been there. Lindsey assured me though that this time around was a whole lot less awkward haha! We then headed over to downtown Kalamazoo where they changed into their awesome second outfit and we found some ivy, cool archways, and a beautiful church door!! Nothing about this shoot could have gone anymore perfect! Their smiles were the best, we all had a blast and we walked away knowing each other a lot better.

I can’t wait to celebrate with these newfound friends next June and I CAN’T wait for you to see how absolutely adorable their engagement session turned out to be!!

Congrats again you two!! If engagement looks this good on you, I’m so excited to see how amazing marriage will look!!

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