Jaime + BJ

December 6, 2016


Just last week, these two lovebirds were in front of the Disney Castle as BJ took a knee to ask Jaime to be his forever! A fairytale story at it’s finest!! And just like all the sweet prince charmings and lovely princesses, these two are definitely made for each other! After not even knowing each other for a year, it didn’t take them long to realize this was it… no more wondering who they’d share life with, they had found the one! And when I first got the chance to chat on the phone with these two, I was so excited and privileged to be able to capture this incredibly special time in their lives!!

We decided to meet up in Michigan City, right in front of The Uptown Center, where they will be tying the knot in August! On the way there we were on the phone with one another trying to decide what to do. The weather wasn’t shaping up to be too great and the snow was heavy and wet (not a girls friend when it comes to curly hair or makeup that you’ve just spent hours doing!) They were already all dressed up though so we decided to get together just for a few shots. Well in the 10 minutes we were out there, these two made it very apparent that they are meant to be in front of a camera! They were troopers as stood, danced and snuggled in the freezing cold for the few minutes we had… but I’m SO glad we took the opportunity to shoot in the winter wonderland that was Indiana’s first major snowfall!! Afterwards we made sure to quickly get in the car and head over to Starbucks for a little coffee date to chat and warm up! So needless to say there was a raincheck and you WILL be seeing more goodness coming your way in April from Jaime and BJ! And I don’t know about you but I am SO excited about that!!

Congratulations you guys!! You’re love and joy with one another radiates from you for all to see… and it’s so so beautiful!!

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