Preston + Jessanna

November 29, 2016


Each time meeting a new couple is always so sweet. Hearing about each love story and how it unfolded for them is actually a part of how I like to get paid 😉 I love that each one is so unique and nothing is every exactly the same as the last. Preston + Jessanna are one of the sweetest pairs and I am SO excited that I get to be a small part of this exciting time for them. We met up at Saint Mary’s College (where to our surprise still had a good amount of color on the trees…. you’ll see!!) on Saturday and instantly felt like old friends! Getting to see them interact with one another was so sweet! It didn’t take much of anything for Preston to know what to do because he’s already so good at loving on his girl in front of a camera or not. It does my heart so good to see how much these guys adore their women! As we walked around campus we came up on Saint Mary’s BEAUTIFUL pond and garden that had SO many colors and amazing lighting!! Yay! So with the lighting, colors, sweet kisses and sweet couple, you can imagine how good this session was!! Well, what are you waiting for?? See for yourself!! Congrats Preston + Jessanna!! I CANNOT wait to hang out again for a much more special occasion!!

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