Ashley + Kyle

October 23, 2018

After friends tried to set them up with their “perfect matches” plenty of times, it all finally came together! And boy did it come together fast! Ashley + Kyle didn’t need long for them to see that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together…. so why wait? Meeting, dating, getting engaged and married all in one year sounds like the perfect storyline to a romantic novel, am I right?

I had the privilege of meeting Ashley when she was the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding last year! Apparently, the whole “falling in love with Ashley” thing happens quickly for everyone because it didn’t even take me the whole day to realize how sweet and special she was! The whole day she was so incredibly excited for Breanne and it was the sweetest thing to watch how joyful Ashley was for her sister. We all parted ways that day but I hoped that someday I’d be seeing them all again when we got to celebrate her this time!! Thankfully Facebook and Instagram has been able to keep us up to date with each other and in touch… so when I saw the pics of Kyle proposing pop up in my feed, I did a little happy dance to myself! Not long after that they set the date, the venue and I got the email I had been hoping for… and invitation into capturing their best day ever! Yay!

She let me know how incredible Kyle was, but naturally, I had my expectations set pretty high with how special I knew Ashley was… so I was going to have to see for myself. I totally wasn’t prepared for how PERFECT these two are together and what a sweetheart Kyle was! To say this is a match made in heaven isn’t just an expression but the complete and honest truth in this case! As we roamed around Coffee Creek Park in Chesterton Indiana, I got to know a little more about their story and get even more excited about having a front row seat for when they get hitched in ONE month! If you can’t tell throughout the post… they kinnnnda like each other a whole lot 😉

Congrats to these cuties! Can’t wait to see you soon and to celebrate you becoming husband and wife!