Leah + Kyle

October 24, 2018

Kyle + Leah’s stories came to a meeting point when they both attended Huntington University. Kyle told me he remembers the exact moment he first saw Leah. He said everything else around went black and all he could see was her. He then went to his dorm room later and started praying about the “girl he saw at the table” and hoped that there would be an opportunity for him to meet her sometime. Well, the Lord answered those prayers and now these two are preparing to become husband and wife next September! Woohoo!

I got the privilege of hanging out with these two lovebirds last week as we walked around downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana and chatted about college, their dating relationship, life dreams and everything in between. Let’s just say this is SUCH a powerhouse couple with hearts of gold!! I can’t say enough good things about who these two are as people and how they are making the world a better place!

I can’t wait for next September for them to say goodbye to this long distance relationship and hello to a lifetime of adventures together! Congrats you two!