It all started in their home economics class…

Somewhere between learning how to make brownies and learning how to sew, the pretty blonde girl caught his eye! And like they say, the rest is history!

They’ve been together almost 11 years now and are going stronger than ever!

When I first met up with Bri (at Starbucks of course) I quickly grew to love her! Bri’s warm personality invites you in and makes you feel like instant friends! It didn’t take me long to see that we’d be a perfect match and that I’d really LOVE to be a part of their big day!

When I met Alex for the engagement session it was really like hanging around town with old friends! It’s SO easy to see why these two have been able to last for a decade already!! They’re not only head over heels for each other, but they are best of friends!

Seeing Alex make Bri laugh throughout the whole night confirmed it!

We were also greeted at the beginning by their sweet pup Milo for a few pics! He was all ready with his bow-tie and best behavior! The three of them together make one CUTE family and I can’t wait to see them finally make things official in August!!

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our time together in Downtown Goshen, IN for their engagement session!!

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