Y’all!! This pair right here has my heart! From the very first few emails Ashley + I shared back and forth, I knew very quickly we were all going to be great friends! And so finally Facetiming with Ashley for our bridal consult and then meeting her and Andrew in person for their engagement session DID NOT disappoint!

But first let’s rewind to those first few emails…

I instantly felt like a VIP insider as Ashley shared her top secret story with me about how she met Andrew that hardly anyone knew about! She confessed to me that her friend had actually started a Bumble account for her after Ashley confided in her about wanting to meet someone but feeling like she knew pretty much everyone in town. She swore she’d never open the “silly app” since those things never actually work.

Late one night she reluctantly decided to open it up and actually came across this really cute guy! She told me she either swiped left or right (she couldn’t remember since she only used it that once haha) and instantly felt a flood of emotions because she couldn’t believe she had just done that.

Once Andrew opened the app, he swiped right when Ashley’s picture appeared (because well obviously she’s a bombshell!!!) and they started chatting! One thing led to another and Bumble conversations led to text conversations. It took them a month to actually meet in person because they were both convinced they were getting “catfished” (haha)! But after a few hours of convo over a coffee at Starbucks, it was so clear that downloading that silly little app had actually been the BEST thing that had ever happened to them!!

Quickly this became their little secret as they both realized they weren’t really sharing with people the actual story! But after hearing it all and assuring them that this is actually the sweetest story ever, I convinced them to share it with you all and give that “silly little app” the honor it deserves! 😉

And let me tell you, anything that helped in bringing this pair together deserves all the standing ovations because they are THE best together!

Not only are they one of my favorites because of how sweet and genuine they are together, but they spoke straight to my heart and brought me AND my assistant a Starbucks to the shoot! AND they showed up with their super sweet pup, Rhett (who’s named after Thomas Rhett, their favorite singer)! They love him so much that Andrew actually proposed at a Thomas Rhett concert. I mean, if they’re not soul mates, I don’t really know who is!

April 25th can’t come soon enough to finally get these two hitched! Congrats to the SWEETEST pair, Ashley + Andrew!

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their Carmel engagement session below!

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