This year was the first time I really gave myself a true “time off” in nine years! I’ve had slower seasons in the winter before, but this time around I intentionally planned to take November through March completely off. And as I reach the end of this time, I’m determined to do it each year now!

It just so happened that this “planned time off” ended up coming at the perfect time after loosing my dad in October (which I’m SO thankful that the Lord had that planned out ahead of time)! I was able to truly step back, process, rest and be present where I needed to be.

On top of that I was really able to evaluate things that needed to change and dream of what’s ahead!

Which is why, I think, there’s a couple reasons YOU should have an “off season” in your business too! Wanna know why? (insert a “sure do” on your end) Alrighty, I’ll tell ya!

1. To avoid burn out

When you start your business, you do it because you love it. It’s something that you’re passionate about and it gets you excited! But when you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends all the time, it can lead to major burn out!

Stats show us that by year two, only two-thirds of businesses are still running. After five years that drops to half and after ten years only one-third of those businesses are still going! Which means that you’re going to have to start deciding what you’re going to do to beat the stat!

I think one way to stay afloat is making sure to know when to step back and take a break.

For me, whenever I’m nearing the end of a season I can feel that I only have so much more energy in me and then I’m gunna crash. Preparing for that beforehand and allowing there to be a time to do just that has been so life giving and I imagine it would be for you too!

2. To give your business time to breath, expand, dream and grow

The second reason I think you should intentionally set aside time for an off season is to let your business breath a little!

I grew up playing volleyball up through college, and one of my favorite stretches was a partner stretch where our partner would help stretch our hamstrings. We’d have one leg on the ground and one in the air they were pushing against. Once we went the farthest we could go, we were suppose to stay there for 10 seconds, take a deep breath, release it and stretch even further… then we’d do it twice more. I was always surprised by how much those breathers made it possible for me to stretch farther than I ever thought I could at first.

I know it’s a silly illustration, but it reminds me of how in business we need breathers to expand and grow.

When you give your business a time to rest, you give yourself time to dream. You also give yourself time to look back and evaluate what all went on in the previous season and what could be improved on and to celebrate what went amazing!

These are simple concepts, but so important to remember as you continue on this photography business journey! You’re not meant to be everything to everyone all the time and you’re definitely made to rest.

Hoping you’re able to take some time and evaluate where you can do just that in your business this year!

If you wanna hear more or prefer watching a video vs. reading, check this video out below!

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