Film Journey: First Medium Format Rolls Developed

March 24, 2020

A few weeks ago my Pentax 645NII finally came in and I was beside myself! If you’ve been following along at all on my “film journey” I started back in September (very slowly) getting into the world of film photography. I’ve always LOVED and admired the classic and timeless look of film, but due to cost, fear, inexperience, etc. I hadn’t dove in yet.

After spontaneously buying my first 35mm film camera, I started to see myself really falling in love with that world! So the next step was to continue to practice and at some point buy a medium format camera. Medium format is a larger camera and basically a bigger file size. So something I would need to learn more about if I was going to start offering this for my weddings!

After a lot of research about the difference between a Contax 645 and Pentax 645, I decided to go with the Pentax for a couple different reasons. One, Contax stopped making their cameras years ago, so everything repair wise is quite a bit more expensive since the parts are more obsolete. Second, the Contax 645 was about 4x the amount I was able to find my Pentax for. So I decided to purchase the Pentax and see how it did!

Yesterday I got my images back from Photovisions (an amazing photo lab btw) and I had to show you all! I had taken it with me for our vendor appreciation shoot day we had at Loft 310 in Kalamazoo Michigan at their stunning new chapel! My girls Leah Bayes with LB Floristry and Stephanie Abbitt and I had a blast getting to have the ladies of White Dahlia Events and Brooke with Stellaluna Events in for some updated headshots!

It’s such a nerve-rackingly fun experience to have to wait for your pictures to come back and then go through them! Especially with all the different variables with your light meter and manual focus! But for my first five rolls of medium format film, I’m in love with them!

Can’t wait to bring this bad boy along with me to these 2020 weddings!

Hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorite film images from the shoot!