Trevor + Hannah

November 15, 2016


If you’ve followed me for awhile now, these will be very familiar faces to you! I’ve known Hannah since she joined my college volleyball team at Grace when I was a Junior. It didn’t take me long, nor does it take anyone long, to fall in love with this girl! She has the sweetest laugh, the best sense of humor and the best hugs! AND she’s a beast out on the court!! 😉 Insert Trevor a year later. I’ve told him this story before, but I knew I liked him for her the moment he shook my hand! haha! Might seem stupid, but there’s a great deal you can tell about a guy from a good hand shake, a nice smile and them looking you in the eyes. Ever since then there hasn’t been a time I’ve been around Trevor where he doesn’t make you feel respected or that he has a genuine care about you. Which naturally means that these two together is seriously one of the sweetest things I’ve seen. Being able to walk with them through their engagement, wedding and now anniversary session is such an AMAZING perk to doing what I do.

February 28th, 2015 marks the day they said “I do” and the day we all got to witness a legacy being born. This world needs more marriages like Hannah + Trevor’s. Marriage isn’t easy, but stepping into it with your best friend and who you have a mutual respect for makes it the greatest gift you’ll ever know here on earth. I’m so thankful to call these two friends and I’m so happy to have been able to get them in front of my camera again!!

One of the fun perks about being a past bride of mine is to occasionally and randomly enter in to win an anniversary session with me. Hannah and Trevor won the first of two that I had for my brides this year. Love the relationships this job has created and love giving back in small ways to these brides who have become girlfriends!!

If you’re interested in filling in one of my 10 half priced anniversary slots I have for 2017, feel free to contact me! There are already a few taken up, so let me know so I can fill in your name if you want one! My heart is for marriage and for others to see that that’s the passion behind what I do. The wedding day is great but it’s what happens afterwards that is the true adventure and gift!!

Congrats to Hannah + Trevor and their (almost) two year anniversary! Praying there are many many more to come!!

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