Mr. + Mrs. Petersen

November 19, 2016


All the planning finally came to an end as family and friends got into town and the festivities were on their way! This wedding in particular was so fun because of a few different reasons. One, Brittany and I lived together with a couple other girlfriends our senior year of college, so when getting asked to be a part of her wedding I was so excited at the opportunity. Second, Damien is actually from South Africa and only by fate met Brittany as he worked at the local fair in town. Definitely love a good “it was meant to be” story!! Third, this wedding was actually just a celebration of the commitment that had already taken place. They have been married for a little while now but finally got to celebrate along side of family and friends in true party like fashion!

I headed down to my home away from home, Warsaw Indiana, for this beautiful day!¬†Before leaving the house I grabbed my winter jacket and gloves for the fist time this year! We’ve had some unbelievably nice weather here in November for Indiana, but that day it decided to be 30 degrees and snowing, even though the previous day we took Marcus to the park with 65 degree weather! But because of this we got to play around with some indoor locations and came upon a beautiful location that allowed the ladies to stay nice and warm in their gorgeous dresses. Each detail and every moment was perfect!!

I am beyond excited and thankful that I was able to see and be there for such a sweet pair on the biggest day of their lives! Cheers to Damien + Brittany and cheers to 70 more years of wedded bliss!!

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